Auto Dealership Business Case

Big Idea

Imagine your customers picking up their smartphones to be notified about special promotions and sales via their Facebook messenger accounts. Click on an option to log into your platform to schedule a service. Given a choice of times and a calendar entry created on the customer's calendar. The car gets dropped in and each stage from estimation to approval to service to pickup to post service feedback is all handled via Facebook messenger.

Now imagine there is no human involved in this whole interaction - just a piece of software called a bot that intelligently interacts, answers questions, schedules, provides status and seeks and records feedback. And it is available 24 x 7 - to also provide estimates of service if someone is caught in an accident at 3am.

Would that set your dealership apart in service? How about saving 92% of your costs while expanding and depending service levels without spending a single cent on salaries, training, days off and seasonality. It is already available and happening with Engati - specifically designed for the experience of auto dealerships. Come experience the future of customer service and support with Engati.

Business Case


Most of the features currently present on the website and app and the one's that auto dealership offers have been modeled by our bot.



Car details/ brochure, Images, Configurations, Price Tables


Book Test Ride


Financing Tools/EMI Calculators


Offer blasts/ inventory clearance sales



Service booking

Accident Assistance

Accident Assistance Damage repair quotes

Hotline call numbers

Hotline call numbers

Find and book for

Find and book for nearest driving schools


Rewards and service discount messages

service centers

Locate nearest service centers

past records

Past records


Insurance and Service reminders


  • Reduce operational and service expense
  • Get a new age platform to wow your customers
  • Increase engagement with customers and touchpoints
  • Eliminate mobile app-fatigue
  • Multiply reach, increase breadth and depth of engagement
  • Rich analytics and customer interaction
  • Instantaneous response without the need for human response delays
  • Train your own bots
  • Chatbot web widget integration on your websites
  • Measure and improve your CSAT score
  • Always on 24by7 services

Integration Needs

API API access for booking test rides and service related features

Catalogue Information Catalogue information. Pricing information (Updated)

CRM CRM API access to dump inbound queries via car brochure browsing, EMI calculators etc.

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