Chatbots for Customer Service

Big Idea

Customer is the king in this industry and serving them right is crucial for increasing profits. A chatbot will work tirelessly around the clock as you can train it to share your vision. Customers can get a quick response without any delay through any time of the day. Complaints can easily be resolved, orders can be placed, tracked, returned etc. Chatbots also possess the power to engage customers through marketing their latest products and updating customers about the latest trends around the world.

For a smarter use of technology choose the best from the best. Choose Engati. Engati can help you build your own chatbot with paths and triggers suitable for your purposes. It does not require any prior knowledge of programming and that makes it very conducive to our customers. Engati can help your business in the following ways:

Top Features


Personifying your brand


Handling customer queries 24x7


Buying and selling products to customers with ease


Tracking orders and shipments through any source


Handling payments through any source


Managing inventory

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