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Amazing Features

So what makes Engati the best there is?

A list of advanced features available only on Engati.

“Simply intelligent” and way ahead of everyone else. Supported across 12 platforms. Try for free. Register today

Conversation intelligence builder

Conversation Modeler

The best in the business. Leverage the power of Engati’s conversation builder. Beyond paths and flows. Conversation modeling made simpler - Engati’s philosophy of “Simply intelligent” is applied in the design of conversation building to make bot building a breeze. You have to see it to believe it.

Contextual Conversations

Contextual Conversations

Most bot platforms provide for point to point answer to specific questions without maintaining context. Now make “intelligent” bots with the ability to maintain context across a flow of questions. Better accuracy and more relevant interactions with your bot users. “Simply intelligent” Engati bots are the new wave. We are crushing it with the power of our technology


Multi-Platform Support

Major Messaging Platforms Supported - Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber, Chatbot web widget integration on your website too, one of the most actively supported broad list of platforms for you to build your bot on


Human takeover and livechat

Ability to stop bot responses and take over a conversation with a user mid flow. You can also use Engati as a full fledged live chat platform with the added benefit of unassisted mode driven by NLP intelligence (AI)

Limited time

Bot building and Customizations at only USD 22 per hour

Customizations and bot building from the Engati platform team available at a low $22 per hour - we have build thousands of bots, try us out to build yours

FAQ Builder

FAQ Builder

Stop creating manual FAQ’s. Its tedious and a waste of time. Feed Engati the intelligence as a whole. Load documents that contain the complete set in written language and watch Engati learn the subject in seconds. Ready to answer any question on it. “Simply intelligent” bot building from Engati

Multi-lingual Support

Multi-lingual Support

Support for English, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Turkish. Many more languages keep getting added so checkin with us to find out if your language needs are available



Most platforms provide broadcast of messages across 1 or a few platforms. Now Engati supports broadcast across most chat platforms it supports. Build a bot on Engati and you will fall in love with our “Simply intelligent” approach for building chatbots. Try it today for free

Voice bots

Voice bots

Now talk to your Engati bot. Voice bots are a simple setup as all other Engati bots. Leverage the power of conversations with voice. The future of conversation technology is here today - only on Engati. “Simply intelligent”


Bot templates

Give you rbot building a head start with Engati bot template. We are adding new use cases every day. Search our templates and jump start your bot building, or contact us for a template for your specific use case. Engati bots “Simply intelligent” and way ahead of everyone else


Mobile SDK’s

Now integrate intelligent bot chat into your mobile app - with our Mobile SDKs. Its like having an intelligent agent for answering any questions that are not provided in your app, 24x7 without the need for human intervention. Enhance your mobile app reach with the extension of conversational intelligence


WhatsApp support

We are now integrated into WhatsApp API out of the box. For setting up WhatsApp, you need to apply to the permits required by WhatsApp and integrate it with Engati - its a breeze

Intent and Entity recognition

Intent and Entity recognition

More sophisticated bot conversations. Now Engati bots NLP engine has been enhanced to recognize Intent and Entity in a statement, question, comment typed by a user. “Simply intelligent” Engati bots, way ahead of everyone else. Built for the future

e sense


Our proprietary optimized machine learning based NLP conversational modeling, FOS tagging framework. The most advanced machine learning API built and maintained by us with Learning capability


Easy chat bot training

Train your bots without any downtime, as per your users queries and needs. Training functionality in Engati lets your train on the fly or in batch mode

easy integrations framework

Easy Integrations Framework

CRM, eCommerce, Marketing, Scheduling, Microservices, JSON APIs - integrate your way or have us integrate for you under our customization services model - all at a low price of USD 22 per hour


Copy a bot and private label

Now build a bot and make a copy, to create custom bots instantly for different channels and customers - very useful for business bots that can be easily replicated

FAQ upload

FAQ upload

Upload all your FAQs from csv/xls to get you going immediately, you can also use our FAQ builder functionality for instant training intelligence


Rich Analytics

Analytics on most frequently asked questions, actions, cohort analysis and many more, one of the richest bot analytics framework that we are always expanding